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Bexley Pens

We're pleased to be Bexley dealers.  
We think that they're excellent pens, with a classic design and excellent service.

We will tune your pen for you prior to shipping to insure smooth and consistent writing.


 Bexley Hometown Series Prototype (dual mode pen)    $187   
 When Bexley is developing a pen, they'll produce several using materials and colors that they have on hand.  I like to pick up the prototype pens when I get the chance  because they're different,  and sometimes more interesting.  It's like getting an LE without the LE name....  or price tag.  The Hometown series (AKA the "Ohio Cities pens")  are a tribute to Bexley's "Made in Ohio" and "Made in the USA" heritage.  They're the same size as the Ranger and  2009 Columbus Show pens, but with more rounded ends and a simpler design without the  extra trim at the ends of the cap and barrel, and a quality gold plated steel nib.  (I actually prefer this nib over the gold, and have one in my Ranger and Columbus Show pens)  I like the matching color ring in the cap bands - nice touch.

These are DUAL MODE pens.  They come equipped with a writing unit (nib assembly) as well as a rollerball  section and refill.  Tired of using one?  Just unscrew the front end and insert the other.  These are a pretty good deal too - they come with the quality Jowo (pronounced Yo-Vo)  two tone nibs, a rollerball front end, and a standard Schmidt 888 rollerball refill.

These are prototypes, meaning that the number of pens available in each color is limited, and there are no others and  no more will be made.  There are a couple more cappuccino and  Red/white/blue pens back at the factory, but the other colors?  That's all folks!

Specify color and nib size when ordering.  
I can grind a broad nib to a stub or cursive italic upon request.  Add $35
Nib sizes available    F,M, B   Nib material - two tone
         gold plated steel
Filler:  Cartridge/Converter - converter included
Price:  MSRP   $199
The Main Street Price -   $187
Red -  sold out
Blue - sold out
1 - white (which Robyn thinks is gorgeous)
2-  cappuccino
1-  red/white/blue

Trim:  as shown in each color
L=  5.05"     128.28
D =  .471   11.96 mm

 2009 Columbus Show pen LE    
 The  2009 Columbus pen show is based on the Wahl  "soldier clip" pen from the 1920s, the pen has a roller clip, gold filled trim, and  Bexley's  18 karat gold nib in medium.    Not too big, not too small., it's  nearly identical to  it's  vintage cousin in  size.  The cap posts nicely on the barrel, giving an ideal length  to the pen.  Only  15 pens were made in orange and blue, but only 5 total in the red.   The  Rangers are discontinued,  and our last one has sold.  If you like the style and size of the Ranger, grab  one of these pens.  Same size, same style, same nib, but acrylic instead of  hard rubber.  

This is the last 2009  Columbus show pen available.  Anywhere.   Period.  If you're interested, grab it!
Nib sizes available - MEDIUM - other sizes may be special ordered   Nib material - 18K gold Filler:  Cartridge/Converter - converter included
Price:  MSRP   $395
  The Main Street Price- $350
2 - orange

Trim:  gold filled
L=  5.05"     128.28
D =  .471   11.96 mm

 2010  Owners Club    
   The 2010 Bexley Owners Club pen is created from an unusual material that, up to now, has not been used to make fountain pens.  This substance is called G-10. It has multiple layers of laminated fiberglass that have been impregnated with epoxy resins. The result is a highly stable, durable material that is often used as a substrate for printed circuit boards.

The G-10 material is used for the caps, barrels, end caps, and grip sections of the 2010 Bexley Owners Club pen. The surface has a checked pattern reminiscent of carbon fiber, but with a more subtle pattern. The color and pattern are all the way through the material, contributing to its depth of color and durability. It is polished to a smooth semi-gloss finish. The tactile feel of the G-10 is warm and inviting to the hand, in a similar way as hard rubber.

The 2010 Bexley Owners Club pen is available only as a fountain pen. In recognition of their seventeenth year, there are 117 fountain pens in black, and 117 in orange.

The pens also feature their special "violin" style clip. Each clip is hand cast from solid silver (900), and alloyed to make it even stronger. The clip and trim are plated in your choice of rhodium, or 23-carat yellow gold. Just specify your preference when you place your order.

As of Nov.  12,  2012...  Bexley tells us that the G10/2010 owners club pens that we have in stock are all that are left.  If you're  interested in one, grab it!  There won't be any more!
Nib sizes available:  18K Fine, Medium, Broad  
                      Stub (special order)
Nib material: 18K gold Filler:  Cartridge/converter
     converter included
Price:  SOLD OUT Finish:  Gold trim
  one pen left!

 L =5 1/4" 133.5 mm
 D=  31/64"   12.24 mm

Though not shown on this page, current production Bexley pens can be ordered at any time.  We will be updating the listing of pens when the new models are released in December.

We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover
Call for details

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© 2012  Ron Zorn

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