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All pens shown are restored, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty
Details about each pen will be provided below.  

Please note that the pens shown are not to scale.
Prices do not include shipping.

Please email to purchase pens.


Pen #2318            Vac fill Parker 51  0.9mm factory stub              $197

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal: excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: worn imprint Filler:  vacumatic
Point: 0.9mm factory stub
Imprint:  worn Size:  5.5"
COMMENTS:   Very simple.....  A basic black vac fill Parker 51.  Fully restored, with a refrosted ding free Lustraloy cap.  It has a 0.9mm stub - not a retip, but as far as I can tell original.  It lays down a nice smooth, wet line.  The only thing to complain about is that the imprint is all but worn away,  but chances are you're buying it to write with the pen, and not to gaze at an awesome crisp imprint.

Pen #2315           demi Parker 51            $127

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal: excellent Material: Lucite
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler:  aerometric
Point: extra  fine
Imprint:    Size:  5.1"
COMMENTS:   The demi 51 is a  bit smaller than the standard 51 - a tad shorter, and a tad thinner.  It's easy to mistake one for the other if you aren't paying attention, until you try to swap caps or other parts.  This pen ins in excellent condition, restored, a clear sac, and refrosted cap.  

Pen #2330            Parker Vacumatic Major          $167

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal: extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: replated cap band Filler:  vacumatic
Point:  medium
Imprint:   extra fine
                 2nd quarter 2945
Size:  5.1
COMMENTS:  I like connecting history with the time a pen was made when I can.   The one dot and the 5 date code tell us that it was made right during the time when Germany was close to surrendering.   One wonders if the person who assembled the pen was listening to the news that the war had ended in Europe, or thinking about a loved one in the  South Pacific.  Perhaps the pen was bought to celebrate, or as a "Welcome home!" gift.    The  clip on the pen is clean, the imprint a little worn towards the blind cap.  The cap band has been replated with a barrier layer of nickel, and then the gold solution.  Fully restored and ready to use.

Pen #2324         Parker Vacumatic Major              $167

Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  chrome plated Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: see comments Filler: Vacumatic
Point:   fine  
Imprint:   extra fine -
                  4th quarter 1946
Size:   5"  
COMMENTS:   The Parker Vacumatic is arguably one of Parkers more popular pens - exceeded I think only by the Parker 51.  The second generation Vacs were introduced in the early 40s.  Then this pen was made WWII was over, and the country was starting to settle into the new normal.  This pen is fully restored, and ready to write.  No cracks, no tooth marks.  The trim is a little hazy, but with  no brassing.   The fine nib has lots of iridium on it too.    

Pen #2325         Parker Vacumatic Major              $177

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  gold plated - excellent Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: Vacumatic
Point: extra  fine
Imprint:   extra fine -
                  4th quarter 1946
Size:   5"  
COMMENTS:    Very much like pen 2324 except with gold trim instead of nickel.     This pen is fully restored, and ready to write.  No cracks, no tooth marks.  The trim is clean  with  no brassing.   The fine nib has lots of iridium on it too.    

Pen #2311      Sheaffer Valiant Autograph Cap      SOLD

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  14K gold Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler:  lever
Point:  extra  fine 
Imprint: excellent Size:  5.3"
COMMENTS:   A really sweet  pen IMO.  The Sheaffer Valiant was the  largest of the Triumph nib pens.  This pen has the autograph cap - 14K gold band and clip, both stamped.  The lever is not - I've never seen one that is stamped 14K as the cap and clip are, and I'm not sure that gold would stand up to the stress of filling the pen repeatedly.     Restored and ready for use.

Pen #2303              Jade Sheaffer Jr Flat top        $157

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  Filler: lever
Point: extra fine
Imprint:  excellent Size:  4.5"
COMMENTS:   This is only the second Sheaffer Jade that I've seen in this dense color.  The picture is fairly accurate.  Note the white swirls in the cap - there's some white in the barrel too.  Fully restored.

Pen #2328   Sheaffer Imperial Desk set   STUB NIB   NOS    $87

Overall Grade: MINT NOS
Metal:  excellent Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  MINT Flaws:  none Filler:  cartridge/converter
Point:     stub Imprint Size:   7 "
COMMENTS:    The only one of this type that I've seen.  The barrel has a window like the Compact Imperials, the nib interchangeable with the Compact Imperial.  Unlike it's shorter pocket pen cousin though, a button or squeeze converter will fit into the pen,  but then you can't see the ink supply.   The current production piston converter is too long to fit.  The set is mint, NOS.  Though worn, the remains of the chalk mark are still on the barrel, the original sticker still on the desk set base.  No engraving on the bright name plate.  No damage to the base which appears to be ceramic.  

Pen #2307           Sheaffer  Crest        $267

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent  Flaws: none Filler: plunger
Point:  extra fine
Imprint:    excellent Size:  5"
COMMENTS:  Sheaffer has has many different pens that bear the name "Crest" over the years.  The first versions were the war time pens with the short section and pointy cap.  This is one made before they changed over to Forticel VS celluloid in 1948.   There are no dents in the cap,  and the pen is fully restored with our high grade, long life synthetic rubber materials.

Pen #2334         Sheaffer  Statesman            $157

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  gold plated - excellent Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: plunger
Point: extra  fine
Imprint:   extra fine Size:   4.9"
COMMENTS:    Sheaffer made two sizes of the Triumph fillers in the mid 1940s - the Valiant was the larger of the two, and then the Statesman.  The later is a bit shorter, a bit thinner, Ina a smaller cap band.  The earlier models like this one have the striped celluloid section with the ink held directly in the barrel - not a "cartridge" type of unit.  The ID is the same though and it would hold maybe a tad more ink, but not much.  The later filler that screwed into the barrel let Sheaffer make one piece for  a range of pens - they just cut it a bit shorter before installing the packing unit on the back end.  There's some transparency  to the unit,  no tooth marks.  The knurling on the blind cap is crisp, the imprint  good - not deep and crisp like some, but not worn either.  Nice pen. 

Pen #2335             Sheaffer Tuckaway Crest             $167

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal:  excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: plunger filler
Point:   extra fine
Imprint:  crisp Size: 4.3"
COMMENTS:    Tuckaways are often (and mistakenly) called "military clip" pens.   The reason is the short spring loaded clip.  But the military clip is one that folds over the top of the pen so that the pen could sit all of the way down in the pocket, and the flap buttoned closed.  This clip would still stick up a bit. These pens are great as pocket pens, or to fit in polo shirt pockets that are too shallow for a larger pen....  but the cap posts well so that it is comfortable to write with.   Made before the change over to Forticel, the pen is celluloid.  The white dot is in the top of the cap.  Note the crisp imprint in the picture.   No brassing, no tooth marks or cracks, and fully restored with our high grade, long life synthetic material.  

Pen #2230      Sheaffer Sovereign      SOLD

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  extra fine - gold plated Material:  Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  none Filler:  touchdown
Point:  :fine Imprint: excellent Size: 5.2"
COMMENTS:    The Sovereign was about the biggest pen of the era, up there with the Valiant in girth.  A very comfortable pen to hold,  they're well made and reliable.  The nibs are two tone, just a tad smaller than the OS Balance nibs.  The trim in this pen is very clean - no brassing, the barrel threads are as well, with no plating wear.  Not bright, but there is some transparency to the section.   Fully restored, and ready to write...

Pen #2284       Black and Pearl OS Balance         $297
Overall Grade: extra fine
Metal:  gold plated - excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  small brassing mark at top of clip
Filler: lever
Point: extra fine
Imprint:  extra fine Size:   5.9"
COMMENTS This is one of the earliest versions of the OS Balance - note the long humped clip,  flat feed,  lifetime nib like the of the flat top pens of the era.  This is also one of the longest Balance pens you'll find.  The color in the picture tends a little towards green, when in fact is slightly ambered.  Not white white, but still pretty decent.  It's an impressive pen, fully restored.

Pen #2329     Esterbrook  117-L blue desk set      $97

Overall Grade: excellent
Metal:  excellent Material:  plastic
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler: lever
Point:     2556 Imprint: excellent Size: 7.25"
COMMENTS:    We're all used to seeing the Esterbrook Eight Ball desk sets.  The 117 set is a little less common, and the turquoise blue base even less common.  The gray desk pen with the clear taper is the correct pen for this base, and it has the correct 2556 nib provided with the pen when sold.    In excellent condition with no flaws, no damage to the base.  The pen has been restored so that you can use it.

Pen #2304          Bexley  Ohio Show Special Flat top               $117
        custom ground cursive italic -
 candy cane finish   

Overall Grade: new
Metal:  chrome plated Material:  acrylic
Nib condition:  new Flaws: none Filler: cartridge/converter
             converter included
Point 1 -  0.7mm
             1 - 0.8mm
Imprint:    Size:5.3"
COMMENTS:   Ohio show specials from Bexley with a custom ground nib.  They're calling this the "candy cane" finish.... Or you could call it the barber pole finish.  Load it up with red ink and use it to address your Christmas Cards.  A sweet pen, but nibbling on the barrel though won't curb your candy cravings.  We'll throw in a couple of the  mint balls that we have at our show tables to save the pen.

Two nib sizes available.  The "medium" gives a a 0.7mm line width,  the "broad" a 0.8mm line.  Please specify nib when ordering.

Pen #2264              Jr size Lifetime Balance            $97

Overall Grade:  extra fine
Metal: extra fine Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: replated trim Filler:  plunger filler
Point:  extra fine
Imprint:   crisp Size:  4.9"
COMMENTS:  This a nice little pen .  Brighter than usual color (so often the silver stripe is muted), some transparency to the barrel, crisp imprint, good nib with a good plating mask.  The clip and cap band though  looked a bit worn, so they have been plated with rhodium.    An ideal pen for the smaller hand.  The pen is a plunger filler, so holds a decent amount of ink even though it's a smaller pen.  Fully restored using our high grade, long life synthetic rubber materials.

Pen #2309             Sheaffer Balance set            $97

Overall Grade:  excellent
Metal: excellent Material: celluloid
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:  name engraved Filler:  plunger
Point:  extra  fine
Imprint:   crisp Size:  4.8"
COMMENTS:  The Jr size Sheaffer Balance is the smallest of the Balance models - I say "Jr size" because it isn't a Sheaffer Jr - rather it is a Lifetime pen with the white dot and a Lifetime nib.  It also has a jewelers band cap, wider with ribs and a panel in the back for engraving initials.    No brassing, no cracks, fully restored.  The pencil  works and  has a new eraser.  A sweet pen for a smaller hand.  

Pen #2279       Sheaffer Imperial 770         $117

Overall Grade: NOS - stickered
Metal:  excellent Material:  plastic
Nib condition:  near mint  Flaws: none Filler: cartridge/converter
Point:  fine
Imprint:     Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS:  New old stock - the cartridge converter version of the Imperial with a fine nib.   You can be the first to ink it, our you can have us test and adjust the pen before shipping.

Pen #2300           Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial        $167

Overall Grade: NOS - stickered
Metal:  excellent Material:  gold plated over brass
Nib condition:  near mint  Flaws: none Filler:  Touchdown
Point:  fine
Imprint:     Size:  5.4"
COMMENTS:  The Sheaffer Imperial was the second of Sheaffer's pens to feature the inlaid nib. Unlike its bigger brother though, it did not use the  snorkel filling system, but rather the Touchdown system.  This pen has the original sticker on the cap, and a fine nib.  I've replaced the 0-ring in the barrel, and have replaced the original latex sac with a PVC sac for long life.

Pen #2292           Sheaffer 1001 Stainless Targa - the funky nib edition           $67

Overall Grade: NOS
Metal:  excellent Material:  celluloid
Nib condition:  mint Flaws: none Filler:  cartridge/converter
              converter included
Point   medium stub - 5 available  $67
Imprint:     Size:5.3"
COMMENTS: We just picked up a tray of these pens, new old stock, mint. Sheaffer made these pens from about 1980 until 1998.   This is an early edition Targa with the plastic barrel liner.  The pens are brushed stainless steel, not brushed plated brass like the later pens.  I still have the one that I bought back in 1980.   What's the funky nib edition?   Sheaffer sold some as Calligraphy pens, some individually, some in a set with 1 pen and 4 different nibs.   The nibs are not crisp italics.

Pen #2293            Sheaffer 1002 Targa  - the last one!        $47

Overall Grade:  NOS, mint
Metal:  chrome plated Material:  lacquer over brass
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws: none Filler: cartridge/converter
Point: medium  
Imprint:    Size:5.3"
COMMENTS:   Most of the matte black Targas seem to  have the gold trim.  I rather like the "reverse" trim version.  Most of the pens we've sold had the black ornament on top.   The ornament on this pen split, so it has been replaced with a chrome one, which matches that of the Version 2 pen.   NOS, never inked, with the original black end/latex sac converter.  

Pen #2243      Burgundy Sheaffer Touchdown Imperial  770   $87
Overall Grade:NOS
Metal:  gold plated  Material: Forticel
Nib condition:  excellent Flaws:   Filler: touchdown
Point:   extra fine
Imprint Size:  5.3"
COMMENTS:  The first Imperials were Touchdown fillers, but it wasn't long before the line included, and then transitioned over to cartridge/converter pens.  Folks often mistake them for the PFM, missing the smaller girth and the fact that it doesn't have a snorkel tube.   I think that the TD filling system has more class than the CC system.    With its squared off end and a blind cap that is nearly invisible,  they're classy pens.   This one as an extra fine nib, and has been fully restored.  A synthetic sac has been installed for a long useful life.  If you do chose to use a boutique ink, do take the time to flush the pen on occasion.  These feeds regulate the flow very well, but when they get clogged they can be a challenge to clean!

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