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Some feedback from our clients and friends.

David G The pen arrived today so I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I am entirely delighted with the repair/restoration. As you said in your email, the needed repair to the barrel is completely invisible and the filling mechanism works superbly. This is the third or fourth pen I’ve entrusted to your expert hands and you’ve always exceeded my expectations. Your attention to the details like the cap alignment with the fill lever are the mark of a true master craftsman.  (Waterman 452 1/2V barrel repair)
WLM (Pelikan 400NN section transplant)
My pen has arrived, safe and sound. You’ve done a remarkable job. I really can’t tell the difference from before other than there’s no crack and my fingers don’t get inky. I’m extremely happy and very grateful.  Yours....
Walt Hi Ron,
Sorry it's taken me a few days to let you know how much I'm enjoying the Triumph with its new EF nib. I was in the middle of three simultaneous work crises when it arrived, but I immediately inked it up, and nearly swooned after the first two words. I've hardly put it down since (I take lots of notes while I work). You, sir, are the king of smoothness!
Shan (re. Namiki Vanishing Point thread replacement)
Ron you are a pen genius.  The facets approximate and line up at just the appropriate torque thread force.  The job is so cleanly done.  The old vanishing points were the best, minus the one design flaw at the joint.  Now this pen is reinforced and I feel confident opening it to change an ink cart or bottle fill.  
Richard B (re. Namiki VP thread replacement)
My faceted Vanishing Point is back home and I am delighted with the repair. THIS is how Pilot should have made the pen in the first place.   Thank you!
Dave G
All pf my pens are now back home after having your expert hand applied in repairing them.  I am thoroughly pleased with your beautiful work. The Black Doric and the two Sheaffer Triumphs are like new in appearance and function and are once again on display in my collection.       Thank you again for your excellent work.  Money well spent to enhance my collection.
Ronnie B
Thank you for the world-class restoration of these two pens.  These were my Dad's pens.  Their return, in such great condition, is very special to me.  Prior to retiring, I restored and repaired smoking pipes for people all over the world.  I would receive their emails of appreciation and be pleased to have made them happy.  However, receiving these pens and feeling the emotional/sentimental satisfaction of their newfound beauty gives me more understanding how my pipe customers have felt.  The circle is complete.
      I also read your blogs and laughed with knowledge at the lengths you go to make a project work...and then have it break in half.  Been there...many times.  :-)
      I am glad not only that I found your site, but also that you state your scheduling boundaries in order to preserve your sanity.
      Best regards and continued success,
Glenn Garside Robyn,
Many thanks to you both.   My 5 repaired/serviced vintage Parkers arrived today, looking factory fresh instead of the tired 80yr olds that they did before.  The transformation is amazing. I can see why Ron gets such enthusiastic feedback on your website. The packing, which I suspect might be your department, was equally superb.  Now, which one do I ink first????.... decisions, decisions....    Glenn
Jim Kenyon

Ron – I have had my Skyliner back from you for a couple of weeks now and I hope you received my letter of thanks. I am so pleased with the work that you did that I am writing again. The pen is fabulous. Your work is beyond any expectation that I had. Thank you so very much. It was worth every minute of the wait.   Jim


David Dowse Thank you very much for the wonderful job Ron did on my Hundred Year fountain pen. The gold and red plactic sparkle. I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth, easy flow of ink and I am getting  to like the stiff nib and fine line. The pen sings its own praises to all my pen friends and when the topic of restoration comes up your names  are first on my list of recommended experts for quality work and value.
Bob Kennedy The pen arrived safely yesterday. I want to take a moment to thank you for your service.
     By profession, I am a college professor and a writer with an affection for fountain pens. But until a couple of years ago, all of my pens were modern. As a WWII buff, I've developed an affection for wartime pens, esp Sheaffer (my wife's family were once Sheaffer dealers).
     This is the third pen I've received from you (though one came through David Isaacson) and none has failed to please. I buy a few pens a year, through the Internet, and I have become resigned to sending them back once or twice to have the nib adjusted or other defects fixed. I've learned that the description of a pen's condition, even from reputable dealers, is often "generous."
      In contrast, I have found your prices to be fair, your descriptions to be accurate and complete, and your service to be prompt and careful.
      So thanks for all of that and best wishes for every success in the future.
Roger Slack Just to let you know that the Sheaffer you kindly agreed to grind to a CI (cursive italic)  arrived today. I've inked it and, as you'd expect, I'm pleased with it: very pleased indeed. Love it! Thanks again for your patience and craftsmanship. With best wishes.  Yours,Roger
Walt Nice... very, very nice. And sweet! Sweet and nice...   Thank you so much, Ron, I'm really going to enjoy this pen.
Cristian  B. I received the pen - I wish to convey my thanks to Mr. Zorn for his restoration and to you for the great customer service - frankly, upon inspecting the pen, I must say the restoration exceeded my expectations.
Bill Triplett "The Sheaffer Balance arrived safely - I just was able to ink it today.  I really like you guy's work.  It looks great - are you  sure it's the same pen?  Very, very nice.
Holly C. Finally got around to inking up my new Sheaffer Balance and using it.  It is a wonderful writer, very smooth, with some line variation to my untutored eyes.    I ended up putting the De Atramentis Pine Green ink in it, having been reassured by folks on FPN that it does not stain.  It is a lovely match with the pen.   Thank you again for all of your good communication, information and help.  I love this pen!  
Ken Smith What can I say,  but thank you so very much. You held my hand all along the way, my pens arrived home safe and sound, and in factory, mint, perfect, stellar and better than new condition. If this is not a standard classification, then I  just invented one for your workmanship!! The Pens are beautiful and work  perfectly, unfortunately, my penmanship has not improved.
     I consider myself one of many lucky souls who have had an opportunity to extend a special thanks for your expertise and unabashed love affair for your craft. Ron I am certain that my pens are in the same condition now, as when I received them as gifts from my parents in the 50's.
     Returning the Parker 51 trashed breather tube and filler sac was over the are a consummate professional.
Augastine in Canaca The pen has arrived safe and sound.   I have been writing with it for a couple of days and what a pleasure it is. I don't know how you do it, but even though the nib is XF,  it glides beautifully across the page and lays down a nice wet line  - perfect.   I look forward to our next transaction.
Fernando Vallejo
Only to let you know that the pen part arrived safely yesterday to my p.o. box. After checking the pen I can only tell you a big thank you !!!!  Great work. Quick work. Integrity. Reasonable shipping and repairing costs !!!!. A million thanks.
Mark Edl I would like to thank you for the work you did to my two Conway Stewart Churchill fountain pens for which you replaced the ink sacs and corrected ink flow, as well as the three Conway Stewart ‘58’ nibs on which you corrected the ink flow.  All five of these pens are a pleasure to use.  The ink flow is perfect for my style of writing.  I can leave any one of those pens standing capped for three or four days only to have them start writing the moment the nib touches paper.  They are now constant companions that you resurrected from the “I don’t want to face the problems of this pen” stack of pens that I once owned.
Daniel Kirchheimer
Specialty pen restoration
Even in a field rich with people of high standards and integrity, Ron Zorn stands out. Doing top-quality work is just the beginning; Ron's honesty, efficiency, and respect for his customers are the characteristics that place him in the top rank of professional fountain pen restorers, and I do not bestow such praise lightly.
Michelle Smith I just got back my Grandma's Triumph Tuckaway and I am delighted.  It's beautiful and it writes like a dream, to boot!  Thank you so much.  I also love that you included the filling instructions—this is my first vacuum filler so I was thinking I would have to Google for them—as well as the correct lead for the pencil.  I'll be seeing Grandma in a couple of weeks; I can't wait to show her the state her pen is in now!
Paul Gilster Let me second David's use of the term 'par excellence' in regard to Ron's work. I learned about Ron from David at last year's pen show here in Raleigh, and I've had him restore several pens for me. His work is impeccable, and what I appreciate the most is that he is attentive to historical detail. He clearly loves what's he's doing and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the field. Highly recommended.
Avi A. Just received the pen today. I feel that I must owe you something for your time and expertise; for crying out loud, you are one of the pre-eminent pen restoration experts in the country, and you not only took this pen, but shlepped it with you other places to brainstorm with other experts. I really appreciate your not returning the pen immediately, but viewing it as a challenge to overcome. That is a true testement to your caring and passion for your work and your clients.
Kingston, NY
Last year you completely rebuilt a Snorkel I've had since 1958, which hadn't been in working condition for decades and which I'd been told was irrepairable.  Every time I use it I feel EXTREMELY grateful to you.  Thanks again.
M. Kreiger HOLLY MOLY!  Not only did the pens arrive TODAY but, geez Ron - I send you four battered old pens and get four brand new ones back?  You are truly gifted.  The green military clip looks like it's been sitting safely under cover unused for 60 years.  You even managed to make the brassing on the cap band nearly unnoticeable.  I am simply blown away by the caliber of your work!
Harry Shubin By far the highlight of the show, [Washington] though, was the magic performed by Ron Zorn, who was set up to do on-the-spot repairs Friday and Saturday.Poor Ron never really got a chance to see the show, but did a mess of repairs for me, including some really tricky stuff - a couple of sacs where the sections were nearly fused to the barrels or the rotting sac had destroyed the pressure bar inside the barrel, and some 51s with tricky hood alignment issues, as well as a flow adjustment on a mis-performing Vac Maxima. By far the most magical work he did, though, was on the 51 demonstrator.

By the time he resacced it and reassembled it, it was so crystal clear that, although I bought it as a user, I suspect I'm going to have to buy another one for that purpose - this one went from stained to factory fresh in Ron's hands. And, anyone who fears for the future of hobby should have seen Ron's sons discussing the intricacies of various pens and angling for more allowance so that they could acquire another pen or two!


Andy Abrahamson The Swan arrived yesterday. It writes like a champ now. A wonderful wet flow, and it started right up this morning after sitting all night in the pen cup. It's working exactly as it should.

Many thanks for a job well done.


A.J. K. Ron,
I received my Sheaffer yesterday.  Stunning! The way it feels on paper is like no other pen I have used.  And, the sentimental value is priceless.  Thank you so much for restoring this treasured memory of my dad.
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