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Cheapskate Alley.... 
Just around the corner from and a little off of Main Street
Clearance pens, pens that are low in cost, or pens that we're
just are tired of looking at!

All pens are working (see description for details) but are sold "as is" with no warranty. 

Alley Pens.....

Pen # and description
Gray Compact Imperial.  NOS, XF steel nib.  Cartridge fill only

Gray Compact Imperial, NOS, Fine 14K Gold, gold filled trim.  Cartridge fill only

3 & 4   NOS Slim Fashion pen. steel nib.  Montiverdi mini converter installed

5  Black slim Fashion pen,   med. gold plated nib, GP trim, mini converter installed

6  Slim TRZ fountain pen GP  fine nib, GP trim,  mini converter installed

7  Sheaffer Fashion pen.  Med GP nib, GP trim.  converter included

8  Parker Lady Duofold.  Celluloid barrel, HR cap.  fine nib







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